Audio not recording - SWOGC EVP 1
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For some reason the digital voice recorder stopped recording but then picked back up. same location as another EVP where we got questions answered

EVP 11/17/07 - SWOGC EVP 2
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Staci is talking then a male voice is heard then we hear Staci talking.  The voice was identified as well as what it is believed was said, by the home owner.

Tracys Questions - SWOGC EVP 3
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Tracy was asking questions  8/2/08 on an investigation. When we reviewed all the audio and video I could not believe what I heard. I DO NOT allow kids on any investigation sight, and there was NO kids there this night.

These are files from investigations from past investigations of SWOGC

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EMF meters kept going crazy in the area and we got sever pictures like this. Video and audio interference was also noted at the time the pictures were taken