Founded in 2001 in Lawton OK, for paranormal investigation and research. Southwest Oklahoma Ghost Chasers, (SWOGC) has had many investigations in the last 17 years plus a very successful Paranormal Conference July 19 2008.  We look for proof or lack of proof in an investigation, this includes audio and video proof.  We spend many pain-staking hours reviewing all audio and video from investigations and researching all history we can find on the location.







Classification of Haunting:

Class One- Random noises such as knocking,rapping,closing of doors, footsteps ect. No manifestation of apparitions.

Class Two- ( In addition to class one attributes) whispering, voices and levitation of objects being touch by unseen hands, disappearance of objects only to be found sometimes later in a different spot. No manifestation of apparitions.

Class Three- (In addition to Class One, Two) unexplainable odors, manipulation of household appliances and electrical devices. No manifestation of apparitions.

Class Four- (In addition Class One through Three) manifestations of apparitions occurs either whole or in part.

Class Five- ( In addition to Classes One through Four) physical / and or mental attacks on human occupants of an area or building.


Differences Between an Investigation and a Ghost Hunt:

Ghost Investigation: is going to a known/reported haunted place and recording data (video, photos, audio, temperature and any other thing that cannot be explained) notes, interview and other evidence to prove/disprove the haunting. Assist the owner and the spirit in moving on and leaving the place if desired. The assistance can be either you directly assisting the owner in any way that you can with the situation or putting them in contact with an experienced group or individual. Check them out thoroughly before you put the owners in contact with them so they may resolve the situation. Your assistance can be something as simple as educating them on every aspect that will assist them on what is happening and their options.

Ghost Hunt: going to a suspected haunted place trying catch activity on film, video, or as an eyewitness to the activity. Example: house, old buildings, hotels, cemeteries or any number of places to start with ( schools, churches too)